(Im)Permanence, a Short and Long Story ~ Fayaway & Hermester Barrington

Voyeur: Or, Helen of Troy, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World ~ Daniel David Froid

Seren’s Day ~ David Bradley

Marnie and Kyle at the Quick ‘n’ Now ~ Jason Washer

Hand of Glory ~ Roni Stinger

Cans of Laugher, Jars of Tears ~ J. P. Oakes

Lakeside ~ A. P. Howell

Asylum Cake ~ Eric Witchey

From or Belonging to the Spring People ~ Kiya Nicoll

B. waterways ~ Erik Kollmer


Cover image by Berit Kessler

All stories are available for free on the website.
If you prefer alternate versions, you may purchase them in the following formats:  ebook || print